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Sweet Itch Treatment

Treating the symptoms is the other aspect of managing Sweet Itch.

Because the intense itchiness that accompanies the hypersensitivity, a horse suffering from Sweet Itch will incessantly rub against trees, fences and other hard objects. This compounds the problem and will soon lead to open wounds and the possibility of secondary bacterial infections. It is therefore highly desirable to use an antipruritic to reduce the itchiness.

Horse Shield not only contains natural antipruritics but it also boasts antibacterial ingredients. Once applied, Horse Shield will instantly offer relief from itchiness.

Since Horse Shield has been clinically and laboratory tested, it is completely non-toxic and may be used on any area of your animal's body.

Whatever approach you take to ameliorate Sweet Itch, you are unfortunately unlikely to find a 100% effective cure. However, by understanding the causes and symptoms, Sweet Itch can be successfully managed.

Horse prior to Horse Shield treatment Horse after Horse Shield treatment
Prior Horse Shield treatment After Horse Shield treatment

As one user said

"I started using Horse Shield on my cob this year as he suffers badly with Sweet Itch and I was desperate to try anything to try and relieve his condition. I am amazed at the results.

I normally use Benzyl Benzoate or Kill Itch on him and I found that although these are very good my hands are left very dry when applying them, and also when it rains it washes off and we have to start all over again.This year due to the weather he has been particularly bad and had scabs on his neck and flank. He also started losing his mane and tail.

I started using Horse Shield in conjunction with the normal Benzyl Benzoate. His sores have cleared and I am using much less Benzyl as I haven't had to reapply as much.

Another thing I have noticed is that my hands haven't dried out which is something that has occurred in the past when using the Benzyl.

I recommended Horse Shield to a friend of mine who has a Shetland with severe sweet itch. After about 2 weeks she found that her scabs had cleared and we now apply it regularly to make sure they do not come back.”

G T (Torfaen)

Use Horse Shield as part of your Sweet Itch treatment routine

Relieve your horse's itchiness and heal open wounds.
  • Horse Shield contains pharmaceutical grade Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which reduces irritation and aids your horse skin's natural regenerative process. With a reduced urge to rub, you will soon see a noticeable improvement. In addition, Horse Shield's antibacterial protective layer will guard against secondary infections and help maintain a healthy skin and a happy horse.

Want to prove to yourself how effective Horse Shield is?

We’re so confident in the unique way in which Horse Shield works that we urge new customers to try it without any financial risk. We are the only company in the equine skincare industry that has the confidence to offer this.

Invest with confidence! With our unique Horse Shield 90 Day Money Back Guarantee  you can quickly prove to yourself that Horse Shield will solve your equine Sweet Itch skincare concerns!

Horse Shield - Part of your animal's Sweet Itch treatment skin care regime

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